The VCHIP Mission


VCHIP's mission is to optimize the health of Vermont's children and families by initiating and supporting measurement-based efforts to enhance private and public child health practice and inform policy.

Since 1999, VCHIP has been empowering professionals to improve health care by providing systemic expertise, practical support, and quantitative evaluation. The success of VCHIP is largely dependent upon the strength of our interdisciplinary collaboration with public and private entities that shape children's health care.

Our Goals are to:

  1. Promote the will for change with quality improvement tools, evidence-based guidelines, and expert coaching to aid practitioners in their efforts to achieve optimal health care for children, youth, and families.
  2. Support collaboration among public and private health organizations to facilitate meaningful and sustainable improvements in health delivery systems.
  3. Share results of successful measurement-based initiatives through trainings and publications that disseminate best practices, highlight effective models of care, and inform policy.
  4. Translate new research and methods into practice by combining our expertise in the fields of improvement science, public health, academic and clinical medicine, and health policy.

Supplemental Materials about VCHIP


For more information about the VCHIP Mission and Goals, please feel free to contact us!