Why Volunteer?

When you volunteer for a clinical study, you will help researchers develop potentially lifesaving vaccines. All over the world, millions of people in our global community eagerly await vaccines that will improve their health and reduce the economic burden of illnesses. It's a great way for Vermonters to act locally and think globally. Quite simply, we need volunteers to conduct our trials.

Volunteer has blood pressure taken

As a volunteer, you will also:

  • *Learn about vaccine trials and how stringently they are conducted
  • *Help advance infectious disease research and improve medical practice
  • *Provide researchers with important scientific information in a safe and confidential environment

How It Works

When you contact the VTC, our trained Study Recruiter will briefly explain the study to you. You will then be asked a few confidential health related questions. If you meet phone screening criteria, a more in depth screening visit is scheduled in which you may undergo a blood draw and physical examination to further determine your eligibility for a vaccine study. If you wish to become a study participant, you will receive a consent form that will be thoroughly gone over by the Study Staff that explains the study in detailed, non-technical language. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and get answers- we want to be certain that you fully understand the study and your participation in it. Signing the consent form indicates that you fully understand the study and that you agree to voluntary participation. You will then be given instructions on how to proceed as a volunteer.

Remember! As a volunteer, you are free to withdraw from a study at any time.

Fill out our online form to be contacted about volunteering or call 802-656-0013 to get in touch with our recruiter.