General Information

To inquire about volunteering for our studies, please contact the UVM Vaccine Testing Center Volunteer Recruiter at 802-656-0013. Be sure to leave a message with your name and the best day/time to contact you. You may also fill out our online form in order to be contacted about volunteering for a study.

*Please note all outgoing UVM phone calls appear on caller ID as : 802-656-9999

Visit a national resource that offers reliable information about open clinical trials.

Ongoing Trials

Healthy Adults aged 18-50

Healthy Adults aged 18-50 needed to participate in a Screening Project to determine your eligibility for participation in future new research to develop vaccines against mosquito-borne viruses. Compensation is possible if you enroll and participate in a research study. For more information and to schedule a screening contact us: (802)656-0013; UVMVTC@UVM.EDU