Polio Vaccine Study

Polio Vaccine Study

This is a phase 1 research study to test new oral polio vaccines (OPV) to see if they are safe and to see if they prepare the body’s immune system to fight against poliovirus infection.  To eliminate all polio disease around the world, we need better vaccines that improve the body's germ fighting response while reducing the chance of causing polio disease. We are looking for healthy volunteers, age 18-45, who have been previously vaccinated against polio. 

There is compensation from $1,160 -$1,200 for enrolled volunteers.

How to learn more and volunteer:

  • For more information and to schedule screening, contact us: (802) 656-0013 or e-mail UVMVTC@UVM.EDU.
  • Use the Pre-screen button to the right to begin a pre-screen survey to see if you might be eligible. If you may be, we'll contact you.
  • Or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get in touch!



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