The UVM Cancer Center has two committees that monitor studies. One, the PRMC, is responsible for the initial scientific review and annual accrual review. The second is responsible for reviewing investigator-initiated cancer studies, the DSMC.

Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee

The membership of the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) has been designed to provide broad representation from the various oncology subspecialties, including community oncology, and support areas critical to the success of a clinical research enterprise. This broad representation is necessary to provide high quality and thorough protocol review. All members of the PRMC are full voting members. The Co-Directors of the Cancer Center are ex officio members. The committee meets monthly. See a detailed schedule of committee meeting dates.

Name/EmailTitle/Area of ExpertisePhoneInformation
Christopher Anker, M.D.

PRMC Chair
Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncology

(802) 847- 3506 
Jessica Heath, M.D.

PRMC Vice Chair
Pediatric Cancer
UVM Medical Center Children's Hospital 

Steven Ades, M.D.Associate Professor
Medical Oncology 
(802) 656-5451 Bio
Dmitriy Akselrod, M.D.Diagnostic Radiologist  

Rob Cade, Pharm.D.
Oncology Pharmacist(802) 847-5577 
Frances Carr, Ph.D.UVM Larner College of Medicine, Pharmacology  
Jessica Cintolo-Gonzalez, M.D.Hematology Oncology  
Kim Dittus, M.D.

Ad-Hoc PRMC Member

UVM Medical Center

Hematology/Oncology: Breast 

Janet Ely, A.P.R.NHematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner  
Mark Evans, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
(802) 656-3628 
Eric Ganguly, M.D.Gastroenterology  
Alan Howe, Ph.D.
(802) 656-9521 
Anthony Minichiello, R.N.UVM Cancer Center Research Nurse Supervisor  
Shelly Naud, Ph.D.
Researcher Analyst
(802) 656-3822 
Scott Perrapato, D.O.
Associate Professor
(802) 847-2884Bio
Hibba Rehman, M.D.Hematology Oncology  
Marcia Wills, M.D.Pathology  
Karen Wilson, C.C.R.P.
Clinical Trials Supervisor, UVM Cancer Center(802) 656-4101 

Data Safety and Monitoring Committee

The DSMC is responsible for monitoring participant safety, the progress of research protocols and the validity and integrity of the data of UVMCC investigator initiated (IIT) cancer-related therapeutic or non-therapeutic intervention trials. The committee does not oversee NCI NCTN, pharmaceutical or institutional trials initiated by an outside institution, but will conduct ad hoc reviews at the request of the IRB or PRMC if concerns are raised regarding external DSMB supervision of participant safety or protocol compliance.

The DSMC operates in collaboration with the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC), which is charged with assigning the risk level of a protocol. Monitoring by the DSMC is based on, and commensurate with, that assignment, with higher-risk protocols requiring more robust monitoring. Data and safety monitoring activities for a study continue by the DSMC until participants have completed the study directed-intervention, are beyond the time point at which study-related adverse events would likely be encountered and data collection is completed.

The DSMC membership is multidisciplinary and includes the following representatives: physician members of the Cancer Center who are active investigators, biostatistician, and pharmacist. The DSMC meets quarterly. See the committee members listed below.

NameAcademic TitleDepartment/Expertise
Seth Harlow, M.D., ChairAssociate ProfessorUVM Medical Center Surgical Oncology/ Breast Surgery
Bernard (Chip) Cole, Ph.D.ProfessorUVM Department of Mathematics and Statistics/ Cancer Biostatistics
Ruth Heimann, M.D., Ph.D.ProfessorUVM Medical Center Radiation Oncology / Radiation Oncology
Peter Kaufman, M.D.
ProfessorUVM Medical Center Hematology & Oncology / Medical Oncology
Farrah Khan, M.D.
Assistant Professor
UVM Medical Center Hematology & Oncology / Medical Oncology
Megan Hinton, Pharm.D.n/aUVM Medical Center Pharmacy
Alan Homans, M.D.Associate ProfessorUVM Medical Center Pediatric Oncology / Pediatric Cancer
Sakshi Jasra, M.D.
Assistant Professor
UVM Medical Center Hematology & Oncology / Hematology
Melanie Locher (non-voting)
Monitoring/Education Program Manager

Research Protection Office

Anthony Minichiello (non-voting)
Oncology Research Nurse SupervisorUVM Cancer Center

DSMC Forms for PIs

For the Study-Specific Data Safety and Monitoring Plan, required for PRMC submission of an investigator-initiated cancer study, click here.

For the Data Safety and Monitoring Report, due to the DSMC, click here.