American Cancer Society-Institutional Research Grants Program (ACS-IRG)

The University of Vermont Cancer Center, with ongoing support from the American Cancer Society (ACS), announces the availability of funding for 2017 ACS-Institutional Research Grant (IRG) Awards. These one-year, $30,000 grants are awarded for projects that pursue novel ideas in cancer research that are undertaken by multi-disciplinary partnerships of researchers. Areas supported include basic, clinical, epidemiological, behavioral, and psychosocial cancer-related investigations.

Deadlines and Important DatesACS

The 2017 ACS-IRG Funding Cycle begins on April 1, 2017.

Please check back in the fall for 2018 Application Deadlines

Please contact Ed North with any questions

Investigator Eligibility

  • Only junior-level faculty members are eligible for ACS-IRG awards.
    • Junior investigators are faculty within 6 years of their first independent faculty appointment or equivalent (e.g., Assistant professor, Research Assistant Professor).
  • Investigators who have already received a peer-reviewed national research grant are not eligible to apply. NIH Career Development (K) awards do not count as peer-reviewed national research grants for this purpose.
  • Investigators who have received prior support for an ACS Institutional Research grants are not eligible to apply for another award.
  • Recipients of IRG awards are not required to be United States (U.S.) citizens. However, any applicant for IRG funding who is not a U.S. citizen must hold a visa that will allow him or her to remain in the U.S. long enough to complete the IRG pilot project.
  • Non-faculty (e.g., residents, fellows) are not eligible.
  • Applicants do not have to be a tenure track faculty members.
  • Applicants must be an independent investigators.
  • Applicant teams must consist of a collaborative partnership between a scientist and physician investigator, or a behaviorist and a physician investigator or laboratory scientist. Both partners must be affiliated with the University of Vermont or the Albany College of Pharmacy, Colchester Campus.

Research Project Criteria

Proposed projects should not fall within the specific aims of a currently funded project of any of the collaborating investigators. Applications will be evaluated by a panel of UVM Cancer Center reviewers and grants will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Innovation
  • Scientific merit
  • Need
  • Relevance to UVM Cancer Center programmatic initiatives
  • Potential for future peer-reviewed funding

A major criterion will be the perceived probability that the research project will lead to the submission of a fundable research grant application to NCI, NIH or similar major source of funds. Reviewers are instructed to look for:

  • Innovation first and foremost 
  • Investigator record of sustained productivity in cancer research
  • Effectiveness of translational investigation Projects that are likely to be funded when submitted in grant application form to peer reviewed, extramural funding agencies, on the basis of results secured from the research funded by the ACS-IRG Award Projects that are clearly cancer related research

Funding and Award Period

The awards allow for a maximum of $30,000 for a one year period. The funds may be used at the discretion of the awardees except as noted below. The one-year award period will be 4/1/2017- 3/31/2018

Allowable Expenses:

●  Research Supplies & Animal Maintenance
●  Technical Assistance
●  Domestic Travel
●  Publication costs, including reprints
●  Costs of computer time
●  Special fees (e.g., pathology, photography)
●  Stipends for graduate students and postdoctoral assistants working on this project
●  Equipment costing less than $2,000 (special justification required for items exceeding this amount)
●  Computer purchases for research & training (should be purchased with direct funds from an equipment budget)

Non-Allowable Expenses:

●  Salaries of Principal Investigators
●  Secretarial or Administrative salaries
●  Tuition or fees for Graduate or Undergraduate Students
●  Foreign Travel (not including Canada)
●  Books & Periodicals
●  Office & Lab furniture
●  Office equipment & supplies
●  Rental of office or lab space
●  Recruiting and relocation expenses
●  Non-Medical services to patients (except travel to clinical site and patient incentives)
●  Construction, renovation or maintenance costs
●  Honoraria or travel expenses for visiting lecturers 

Past Recipients

CyclePrincipal Investigator (PI)Co-PIProject Name
Apr 1 2016 - Mar 31 2017Delphine Quénet Alissa ThomasMolecular function of PARP inhibition in glioblastoma 
Edmund FolefacGarth GarrisonEfficacy of a Novel Biofeedback Motivational Intervention for Smoking Cessation
Seth FrietzeJessica HeathIKAROS regulates higher-order chromatin structure in pre—B ALL 
Oct 1 2015 - Sep 30 2016Jonathan GordonJennifer LisleInhibition of a Patient-Specific Marrow Stromal Cells that mediate Tumor Growth and Metastatic Bone Disease 
Jun 1 2015 - May 31 2016Jason StumpffChristopher AnkerInvestigating Kif18A as a therapeutic target for colorectal cancer 


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