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People Management System/Bio Builder Tool

The People Management system has been developed in order to capture key information on people with whom the College Of Medicine has a significant relationship. That includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, community preceptors, etc. This information is maintained by individuals and managed centrally so that it can be potentially reused for many purposes.

For faculty, especially, one of the primary areas of information is the biographical information that makes up the Curriculum Vitae (CV). This information is used every day across the College for various purposes, such as the faculty reappointment process, grant proposal generation, public web site displays, etc.

To allow people to manage this information in just one place, the College developed the Bio Builder module. This tool should be used to manage all the information that would be included on a CV and to then build Bios that contain selected subsets of that information to be used for various purposes, such as bios that will appear on a web site.

Launch Bio Builder tutorial

Link to People Management (password required)

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