• Rigorous peer review process lends credibility to your efforts
  • Recognition and documentation of commitment and accomplishment in education
  • Eligibility for special programs, projects and incentives
  • Resources for educational career development
  • Connections with peers with relevant experience and ideas
  • Mentoring and institutional support in educational scholarship


  • Members of the Faculty of the College of Medicine, both on-campus and off-campus faculty
  • Who have shown engagement in teaching, including medical students, graduate students, UVM undergraduates, residents, fellows, postdocs, CME, administration and scholarship of teaching, and others
  • Who can demonstrate participation with a measurement of quality in at least one domain of education
  • Who are committed to continuous improvement and sharing of expertise with others
  • Who are willing to prepare and maintain a teaching portfolio

Tiers of Membership

  • Protégé         
    • Includes Residents, Fellows, Post-doctoral fellows, Doctoral students in good standing
    • Must have a current Teaching Academy member as a sponsor.
    • Must conduct and present an education project at a Teaching Academy Symposium.
  • Member         
    • Standard level of Academy membership
    • Documented accomplishment in one area of educational scholarship
  • Master Teacher         
    • Documented accomplishment in two areas of educational scholarship
    • Additional responsibilities within academy (mentoring, workshops, etc.)
  • Distinguished Educator         
    • Documented accomplishment in three areas of educational scholarship
    • Additional responsibilities within academy (mentoring, workshops, etc.)

Maintaining Membership

  • Membership is for a 3-5 year term, renewable.
  • Active membership maintained through continuing participation and contribution to excellence in educational scholarship (Direct Teaching, Mentoring and Academic Advising, Curriculum/Course Development, Learner Assessment and Evaluation, Leadership and Service/Administration, and Educational Research/Scholarship).
  • Regular updates of the member's teaching portfolio, which will also be useful for the member's annual departmental faculty review.