2021 Snow Season Education Retreat Posters


Virtual Poster Session 

Thursday, January 14, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Zoom Link Meeting ID: 946 3891 4150

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2021 Snow Season Education Retreat Virtual Posters

1. Validate entrustable professional activity (EPA)-based assessment in pathology residenc training for common on-call activities PDF

Bronwyn H. Bryant, MD

2. Engage in Exploration: Pathology Gross Laboratory in the COVID-era PDF

Ronald J. Bryant, MD; Rebecca Wilcox, MD; Bei Zhang, MD, PhD, CLS(ASCP)

3. Mobile Syringe Exchange as an Opportunity for Community Engagement and Medical Education PDF

Noorin Damji, BA; Kristina Valentine, MSc; Andrew Hale, MD

4. Evaluation of the Public Health Statistical Boot Camp Pilot Project PDF

Tom Delaney, PhD; Victoria Hart, PhD; Jan Carney, MD, MPH

5. Impact of peer-to-peer discussion series on medical student assessment of racial justice education PDF

Grace Eisenbiegler; Lud Habtu Eyasu; Akua Frimpong; Charlotte Gemes; Krisandra Kneer; Liana Mathias; Alexa Rosenthall

6. What Information Resources do Students Use? Analysis of Information Resources used in Convergence PBL PDF

Jack Fitzsimons; Alice Stokes, MLIS; Laurie Gelles, PhD; Patricia King, MD, PhD

7. Beyond the Emergency Department: Perceived Effects of COVID-19 on Emergency Medicine Resident Education PDF

Tabitha Ford, MD; Megan Fix, MD; Eric Shappell, MD; Daniel Egan, MD; Alexandra Mannix, MD; John Bailitz, MD; Xian Li, MD; Michael Gottleib, MD

8. Wild Ortho Wednesdays: A Novel Online Curriculum for Multilevel Learners in Emergency Medicine PDF

Tabitha Ford, MD; William Denq, MD; Megan Fix, MD

9. The Applied Practice Experience: Bridging distance education and in-person learning PDF

Kelsey Gleason, ScD; Heather Palow, MEd

10. Personality and perceptions of online courses among students who chose and students who were forced to online learning PDF

Victoria Hart, PhD; Leigh Ann Holterman, PhD; Stephen Everse, PhD; Katheryn Huggett, PhD

11. Use of an online Q&A forum to enhance learning and community in an asynchronous quantitative class PDF

Victoria Hart, PhD; Carolyn Siccama, EdD; Thomas Delaney, PhD

12. Virtual Peer Teaching in Medical School Anatomy Education PDF

Abigail Hielscher, PhD

13. Social Determinants of Health Rounds for Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship PDF

Sidney Hilker; Jessica Chung, MD; Erin Morris, MD

14. A Discussion-Based Learning Session to Clarify Values Around Abortion PDF

Van Hoang; Sidika Kajtezovic; Leigh Ann Holterman, PhD; Lee Rosen, PhD

15. Active learning in the clinical years: Improving pediatric ECG competency through a novel PACE (Pediatrics ACtive Learning Electrocardiography) Module PDF

Jennifer E. Holland; James K. Rohwer, MD; Julia M. O’Connor; William E. Hopkins MD; Jonathan N. Flyer MD

16. Global Health Teaching Elective: Creating a Reading Course for Senior Students Focused on Five Major International Health Themes PDF

Amanda Kardys; Christina Dawson; Katrina Thornburgh; Audree Frey; Mariah McNamara, MD, MPH; Ben Clements, MD

17. Virtual Academic Detailing with Vermont Prescribers: A COVID-19 Inspired Educational Innovation PDF

Amanda G. Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS; Rich Pinckney, MD, MPH; Charles D. MacLean, MD; Gary Starecheski, RPh; Marci Wood, PharmD; Laurie McLean; Elizabeth Cote

18. Experience with converting Continuing Medical and Interprofessional Education conferences to virtual events during the Pandemic:  implication for the future PDF

John G. King, MD, MPH; Terry Caron, MEd; Kate Martin; Mary Gagne; Martha Allen; Sandra Gauthier; Michele Morin; Karen Whitcomb; Kristina Perry 

19. Infographics as a Means to Integrate Social Determinants of Health Principles into the Pre-clinical Medical Curriculum PDF

Krisandra Kneer, MPH; Karen Lounsbury, PhD

20. Development of Learning Modules to Improve the Informed Consent Process PDF

Autumn Sacklow, MD; Alison Johnson, MD; Sarah Kelso, MD; Cate Nicholas, EdD

21. Active Learning for Budding Entrepreneurs: Lessons Learned from Going Virtual in 2020 PDF

Tina Thornton, PhD; Erik Monsen, PhD; Alison Howe, PhD; Mercedes Rincon, PhD; Charles Irvin, PhD

22. "MS4 Report": A Student-led and Remotw Model for Case-Based Learning in Preparation for Residency PDF

Matthew Tsai, BS; Dylan Koundakjian, BS; Emily Greenberger, MD

23. Development of the Partnering Guide to Educate Clinicians in PCOR/CER PDF

Constance van Eeghen, DrPH; Georgia Brown, MLA; CR Macchi, PhD; Paula Reynolds, MEd; Doug Pomeroy; Kari Stephens, PhD; Jen Lavoie

24. The Impact of a Preclinical Medical student Mentored Summer Research Experience in Cardiovascular Disease on Scholarship and Career Trajectory: A Six-Year Report PDF

Kramer Wahlberg, MD; Amreen Mughal, PhD; Zhaolin Li, MS; Mary Cushman, MD, MSc; Jonathan Flyer, MD

25. Updating Pediatrics Morning Report: Increasing Educational Quality and Satisfaction among Residents and Faculty PDF

Anna Zuckerman, MD; Keith Robinson, MD; Sarah Twichell, MD; Molly Moore, MD; Nicholas Bonenfant, MD; Katharine Runte, MD; Sarah Couser, MD; Lewis First, MD; Jonathan N. Flyer, MD