Division of Emergency Medicine

Our faculty is dedicated not only to providing excellent care, but also to teaching residents and medical students. Emergency medicine remains one of the most popular career choices among UVM medical students and our faculty has been honored with several teaching awards. Our research efforts are coordinated through UVM undergraduate students who spend 16 hours per day in our department enrolling patients in clinical studies. Our faculty have distinguished themselves as leaders in our core missions of quality care, teaching, and research.


Dr. Mario Trabulsy developed our emergency medicine medical student rotation, one that is recognized as a model for other rotations. Dr. Trabulsy has also received distinguished teaching awards from the medical school. The educational philosophy in the emergency department is teaching students and residents a way to think, problem solve, and integrate material they have learned in their medical school careers to form diagnoses on patients with undifferentiated problems. There is emphasis on problem oriented critical thinking. Students are encouraged to think through their differential diagnosis and present to an attending not only the most likely possibility for the patient problem, but also the most dangerous.

They would also be expected to formulate a plan for workup and evaluation of the presenting problem. Logic and reason are stressed. Direct attending supervision is supplied by dedicated faculty. Lectures and simulations are a large part of our didactic curriculum. Students are asked to take responsibility for the care of their patients, including keeping the patient and family informed on the results of lab tests and X rays, informing them of the likely diagnosis, teaching them about the diagnosis and future care required. The students are encouraged to begin thinking of themselves as teachers. Kind and courteous care is modeled by attendings and expected from all students and residents.


Dr. Kalev Freeman coordinates our research activities and has been recognized at UVM not only for his research and funding, but also for his undergraduate introduction to clinical research course. As part of this course, UVM students serve as research associates in our department and take turns staffing a research desk sixteen hours per day. This provides the infrastructure needed to recruit subjects for a variety of ongoing collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects, including studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and a biomedical equipment company. All of these projects are ultimately aimed at improving patient care.

Dr. Freeman's Emergency Medicine Research

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