The Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Faculty Advisors:Wellness Committee Creemee Night

  • Dr. Nathalie Feldman
  • Dr. Alison Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Lee Rosen
  • Dr. Michael Upton

Wellness Committee Staff Liaison: Julie Chiappinelli

The Wellness Committee serves to promote the health of the student body through educational and recreational events within UVM LCOM. The group runs monthly peer support group meetings, biannual mental health panels, provides confidential one-on-one peer support, and can connect students to mental health resources within the university and the broader community. The committee continuously works to implement new ideas that promote the overall wellbeing of the student body, including monthly free produce, summer and spring Creemee nights, and mindfulness mini-series.

View Wellness Committee Events under their Learning Commons Space (MED credentials required)... 

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your Wellness Committee Representatives.

Highlights September 2019 Meeting:

  • Clerkship Wellness Cup: challenging third year medical students to do activities that enhance their wellbeing. Prize for the team with the most wellness points!
  • Flu shot clinic planned this October at the medical school.
  • M3/M4 Peer Support Group Lunch: a chance for rotating students to get together and share how things are going! Will be held Mon Oct 28th in Smith 426.

Highlights January 2019 Meeting:

  • New LCOM Student Wellbeing website is up! Still working on some content, but we now have a space for students to check out campus-wide "Wellbeing" initiatives. 
  • Met with Dr. Kulaga in CT about psychiatric services for students in Danbury and Norwalk
  • Wellness, Student Council, and SEG will all join this month to make fun paper plate awards for the second-year students 
  • Tea at 3: tea and cookies will be served for second-year students every Wednesday of January and February as they study for Step 1!
  • Grilled cheese Wellness dinner planned at Dr. Raszka's, scheduled 1/11 at 6pm.

Highlights December 2018 Meeting:

  • Trying to incorporate suicidality management training during the Psychiatry clerkship bridge week
  • Working on getting sunlamps to rent out from the library
  • Coffee restocked in the student lounge, and Fresh Friday (free produce in the student lounge!) scheduled for next month.
  • Step1 Peer Support Group planned for next month. Free lunch and conversation to talk about concerns and stress management during this study period.


Class Representatives

Class of 2020

Alexa Arvidson
Caleb Knight
Florence Lambert-Fliszar
Elizabeth McLeod

Class of 2021

Lexi Churchill
Olivia Larkin
Elizabeth Lynch
Jordan Munger

Class of 2022

Isi Beach
Tierra Lynch
Colby McGinn
Emerson Wheeler

Class of 2023


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