Policy 945.00

Student Clickers: Foundations

Policy Statement

Clickers are provided by the Office of Medical Student Education for use by first and second year medical students for classroom use.

Students accepting clickers assignments agree to abide by the terms of this policy as listed below, with the understanding that the clicker is assigned to them until the end of the Foundations Level of the curriculum, after which time it must be returned.

  1. Clickers are assigned to students on their first day of Orientation and must be returned to the Office of Medical Student Education prior to the start of the Clerkships.
  2. Lost, stolen, broken or misused clickers are the responsibility of the assigned student. A replacement fee of $50 for clickers will be automatically billed to your student account unless otherwise arranged. Students with outstanding or delinquent charges will not receive their diploma upon graduation.
  3. Clickers are intended for the assigned student only and should not be given to other students for their use. Students on record in the Office of Medical Student Education are responsible for clickers assigned to them as stated above.

Applicability of the Policy

  • Foundations students

Reviewed and Approved

  • Medical Curriculum Committee, on December 8, 2015

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