The Bruce A. Gibbard Lectureship in Psychiatry

The Bruce A. Gibbard Lectureship in Psychiatry at the University of Vermont is an endowed lectureship established in 2003 to honor the memory and contributions of Dr. Bruce Gibbard who died September 4, 2002.  Dr. Gibbard, a psychoanalyst and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Vermont Department of Psychiatry, was recognized as a superb teacher, gifted clinician, and valued friend.  He taught the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy and the transformative potential of the doctor-patient relationship to a generation of physicians who trained at the University of Vermont and now practice around the world.  The Bruce A. Gibbard Lectureship supports visiting scholars in the areas of Dr. Gibbard’s interests (bridging neuroscience with psychoanalysis, teaching students and residents about psychodynamics, ethics, dream work, and therapeutic action).

2022: Leon Hoffman, M.D. "How Can I help You?"

2021: Salman Akhtar, M.D., "Fear, Phobia, and Cowardice: Social and Clinical Reflections"

Past Speakers


2019: Mark Solms, Ph.D., "The Scientific Standing of Psychoanalysis"

2018: Rosemary Balsam, M.D., "How is the (Pregnant) Body Involved in Mind? Miss Opportunities in Theory and Clinical Practice."

2017:  Deborah Anna Luepnitz, Ph.D., "Insight For All:  Psychotherapy With Homeless Adults and Children."

2016:  Mark J. Blechner, Ph.D., "The Dream in 2016: New Discoveries from Psychotherapy, Group Dreamwork, and Neuroscience."

2015:  Richard Chefetz, M.D., "Relentless Shame: The Paradoxical Protective Use of Self-Eviscerating Power in the Wake of Interpersonal Trauma."

2014:  Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D., “The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Therapy: The Talking Cure in the Era of Evidence-Based Practice.”

2013:  Arietta Arietta Slade, Ph.D., “Minding the Baby: Attachment, Trauma, and the Development of Mentalization."

2012:  Jeremy Safran, Ph.D., "Resolving Therapeutic Impasses: General Principles and Research Findings."

2011:  Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D., “What Happened to Our shared Understanding of Mental Health?”

2010:  David Mintz, M.D., “Meaning and Medication: Psychodynamic Approaches to the Treatment Resistant Patient."

2009:  Eve Caligor, M.D., “Transference Focused Psychotherapy."

2008:  Malcolm O. Slavin, Ph.D., “A Natural History of Human Existential Anxiety and Intersubjectivity: Using an Evolutionary Biological Perspective on the Treatment Process."

2007:  Wilma Bucci, Ph.D., “The Psychoanalytic Process from Multiple Perspectives: Basic Science, Mental Health Research, and Clinical Practice."

2006:  Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Ph.D., “Parent-child attachment and child development in Disorganized Attachment Relationships."

2005:  Arnold H. Modell, M.D., “Trauma and the Transformation of Meaning."

2004:  Jeremy Holmes, M.D., “Dealing with Difficultness: What kinds of evidence, based on what kinds of theories, do we need to work more effectively with people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder?”