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December 18, 2020 by User Not Found

Recent Seminar Series Presentations
Recent and Future Advances in Reducing HPV-associated Cancers by Vaccination and Screening

Link to RECORDING  Passcode: 70^.AycJ

Doug Lowy, MD, Principal Deputy Director │ National Cancer Institute

The presentation provides an update on the induction of herd immunity by HPV vaccination and its implications for reducing the risk of HPV-associated cancers and for changing cervical cancer screening guidelines.  Clinical research whose goal is to enable wider dissemination of vaccination and screening was also described.

The Application (and Misapplication) of Science, Epidemiologic Data, Public Health Practices, and Health Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mark Levine, VT Commissioner of Health 
Link to RECORDING and password: 35=vU9tx

1. Provide explanations regarding Vermont’s low incidence rate, number of deaths, and test positivity rate, and detail the lessons learned about managing the pandemic thus far
2. Demonstrate how the pandemic in Vermont has taught us important lessons on health equity
3. Understand what we have learned about testing, especially the role of antigen tests and serology
4. Illustrate, with humility, where Vermont has led the way
5. Discuss and elucidate some of the many controversies and “misapplications”

Developing Technologies for Remote Healthcare Delivery

Ryan McGinnis, Director of the UVM Biomedical Engineering Program
Link to RECORDING and password: 1=g2^V2X
The presentation introduced UVM’s Center for Biomedical Innovation and highlighted several ongoing projects that aim to develop new technologies for remote assessment and intervention. A new approach for rapid and objective fall risk characterization and a mobile application for providing physiological biofeedback to help manage panic attacks was discussed