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Seminar Series: QIAGEN Digital Insights (watch here)

January 6, 2020 by Jennifer Smith

And, join us for the next installment of the UVMCC & NNE-CTR Seminar Series. March 13 at 12 pm in HSRF 400. Livestream to Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Training Workshop at 10 – 11:30 AM
** No Experience Necessary **

•      Upload data, run an IPA core analysis and interpret the results to build networks and generate hypotheses.
•      Quickly generate a molecular profile starting with a disease, phenotype or function and access all the underlying literature and evidence which supports those relationships.
•      Find potential regulators and master regulators and their impact on your experiment.

Explore our new, extensive library of core analyses.
Discover other core analyses with similar (or opposite) biological results to your analyses.
Expand your IPA core analysis comparisons from 20 to 100 and automatically compare your results against this new library and against all your previous core analyses.

QIAGEN Digital Insights Lunch & Learn at 12 - 1 PM (watch recording)
Dr. Eric Seiser, Senior Field Application Scientist

Our CLC bio, Ingenuity, Omicsoft and BIOBASE product lines combine powerful analytics and visualizations with the largest curated repository of biological and clinical findings.

QIAGEN Digital Insights delivers answers quickly and accurately, leading to faster time to insight.

Contact Nick Farina with questions.