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Biochemistry Seminar - Single Cell Analysis (watch here)

November 4, 2019 by Jennifer Smith

Don't miss out on this Seminar. Check out the recording of the livestream with Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

Simultaneous Proteomics and Transcriptomics: TotalSeq and the Future of Single Cell Analysis
Christopher Gould, PhD, Technical Applications Scientist II, BioLegend

Welcome to the new era of single cell analysis.  New advances in single cell RNA-seq are expanding the ability for researchers to analyze surface immunophenotype and transcriptome at immense depth.  As such, BioLegend now offers TotalSeq antibodies.  These antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates seamlessly integrate with existing single cell RNA-seq protocols (eg CITE-seq) aimed at simultaneous protein and RNA measurement from single cells.  The oligos provide a permanent antibody tag using a barcode embedded in their sequence.  This allows for not only highly multiplexed measurement of dozens of cell surface molecules (220+), but, also the ability to combine multiple samples into one run using cell hashing.  We discuss the basic principles of CITE-seq and some practical considerations when looking to incorporate these new methodologies into your current workflows.  Data generated both at BioLegend and with collaborators at the New York Genome Center are reviewed.

Click for recording (Originally recorded Nov 1, 2019)