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Funding Opportunities (Current List)

January 24, 2019 by Jennifer Smith

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Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy by Mitigating Immune-related Adverse Events (U01)

FOA, RFA-CA-19-044, is to support improved cancer immunotherapy research projects that reduce the incidence and/or severity of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) while retaining anti-tumor efficacy. Single investigators and/or multidisciplinary teams with expertise in mechanisms of cancer immunology, immune tolerance, irAEs, autoimmunity, and/or patient characterization and selection are encouraged to propose projects that utilize appropriate model systems, clinical samples, and expertise of these research communities. The specific objectives are to generate new ideas and approaches to better understand and thereby reduce the incidence and/or severity of irAEs resulting from cancer immunotherapy.

Due April 25, 2019.

Early State Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research & Management (U01)
FOA, RFA-CA-19-039, invites applications for the development of enabling informatics technologies to improve the acquisition, management, analysis, and dissemination of data and knowledge across the cancer research continuum including cancer biology, cancer treatment and diagnosis, early cancer detection, risk assessment and prevention, cancer control and epidemiology, and/or cancer health disparities. As a component of the NCI's Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) Program, this FOA focuses on early-stage development from prototyping to hardening and adaptation. Early-stage development is defined for the purpose of this FOA as initial tool development or the significant modification of existing tools for new applications.
Due November 21, 2019.

RFA-DK-19-001 Mass Spec Assays for the Reliable and Reproducible Detection of Proteins/Peptides in Obesity Research (U01)

The development of a single multiplexed assay that includes all proteins and peptides of potential interest to the obesity research community would be optimal but might not be feasible due to the different chemical physical characteristics of several of the proteins/peptides of interest.

This FOA invites applications proposing the development of targeted mass spectrometric assays for proteins and peptides of primary interest to the obesity research community. The goal should be to develop assays that are easily transferable to any laboratory that has appropriate expertise and access to a mass spectrometry facility. For this purpose, the use of easily accessible and inexpensive separation steps such as SPE and µElution is encouraged.
Due April 18, 2019.

RFA-CA-19-034 Feasibility & Planning Studies for Development of SPOREs to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities (P20)

All applications must propose translational research that will contribute to improved prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and/or treatment of cancers found to disproportionately affect specific racial/ethnic minority populations. Furthermore, all research projects must be focused upon knowledge of human biology with a translational human endpoint proposed.

All the proposed P20 programs must include a minimum of two well-developed translational research projects, as well as contribute significantly to the development of specialized shared resources core facilities, improved research model systems, and collaborative research activities with other institutions, P20 awardees, and/or current SPORE grantees.

Due June 19, October 18, 2019, and June 19, October 18, 2020.

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