Genomics and Molecular Phenotyping Technologies

Instrumentation, expertise, and assistance with all aspects of genomics and molecular phenotyping analyses are available through core facilities at both Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) and the University of Vermont (UVM).  

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Molecular Phenotyping Core

The Molecular Phenotyping core provides instrumentation, training, and services for in vitro and ex vivo cell phenotyping, including qPCR, ChIP analysis, and single-cell genetic analysis.

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Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting, and Cell Analysis

The core provides multi-parameter flow cytometric analysis capabilities, magnetic bead-based cell isolation training and service.

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Viral Vector Core

The Viral Vector Core includes a dedicated BL2 facility and personnel for the production and titration of retroviral, lentiviral, and adenoviral vectors for basic research applications.

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Proteomics and Lipidomics Analysis Core

This core provides protein and small molecule structural and functional analysis, and quantitation using state of the art technology and software applications.

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Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

This core provides state-of-the-art gene targeting services in the mouse using the latest advances in CRISPR-Cas technology for the creation of mouse models of human disease.

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Integrative and Nonclinical Genomics

The Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource offers support and instrumentation for next generation sequencing, bioinformatics support, microarray analysis, Sanger DNA sequencing, quantitative PCR, SNP detection, DNA fragment analysis, and other services.

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Genomic Medicine
CLIA-approved and CAP accredited facility for high-complexity clinical genomic testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory designed specifically to handle clinical samples for genomic analysis. Currently performing a custom-built targeted genomic panel test on patients harboring solid tumors. 
Developing three clinical care pathways for oncology, pharmacogenomics, and inherited disorders of clinically-validated assays.
The Clinical Genomics Laboratory is certified to further develop and maintain complex, high-quality assays to support translational and clinical trials.

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Cancer Translational Research Laboratory

The Cancer Translational Research Laboratory minimizes the barriers to translation of basic research to advances in clinical care. Highly trained personnel and comprehensive research resources enable clinicians to participate in early-phase studies and basic scientists to investigate the clinical relevance of their laboratory findings. 

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The Vermont Genetics Network Proteomics Facility provides support and instrumentation for mass spectrometry-based proteomics technologies for identification, characterization and quantitation of proteins in biological and biomedical samples.

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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

The Harry Hood Bassett Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility is a multi-user resource for the high speed analysis and sorting of cells. The facility has analytical cytometers, a high-speed cell sorter, and expert training, service and data-analysis resources.

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