Tracking and Evaluation Core

The Tracking and Evaluation Core is led by a multidisciplinary team of evaluation, outcomes research and quality improvement experts led by Brenda Joly, PhD, MPH, and Erika Ziller, PhD.

Brenda Joly, PhD, MPHBrenda Joly, PhD, MPH
Core LeaderUniversity of Southern Maine Email
Erika Ziller, PhDErika Ziller, PhDCore Co-LeaderUniversity of Southern MaineEmail

The goals of the core are to identify meaningful and reliable performance metrics, continually track and monitor these metrics, and rigorously analyze and disseminate performance information to NNE-CTR leadership and key stakeholders.

The Tracking and Evaluation Core has set out the following specific aims to achieve these goals:

  • Develop and implement a data portal to track the progress and success of the NNE-CTR in achieving their short- and long-term goals based on an agreed upon set of metrics;
  • Provide ongoing quality improvement support to each Core and the overall Network to track implementation efforts and inform programmatic decision-making;
  • Conduct an evaluation to demonstrate outcomes and the overall value of the NNE-CTR and disseminate evaluation findings to a broad range of stakeholders.
Valerie HarderValerie Harder, MHS, PhDUniversity of VermontEmail
Lindsey SmithMary Lindsey Smith, PhD, MSWUniversity of Southern MaineEmail
Carolyn GrayCarolyn Gray, MPHUniversity of Southern MaineEmail