Rural Health Research & Community Engagement Core

Jan Carney and Neil Korsen lead the Rural Health Research & Community Engagement Core.

Jan Carney
Neil Korsen

Jan Carney, MD, MPH, FACP

Core Leader, UVM


Neil Korsen, MD, MS

Core Co-Leader, MMC


Goal of the Rural Health Core 

The Rural Health Research & Community Engagement Core seeks to engage northern New England rural clinical practices in translational research, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes in individual patients, populations of patients, and/or entire communities. The core develops and supports a partnership between academic institutions and rural health care practices in Northern New England, and is informed by population-level data from community and public health organizations.


rural health core connects academic centers, community and public health organizations, and rural clinical practices


Rural Core Aims

The Rural Health Research & Community Engagement Core is engaged in activities that support the following aims: 

Aim 1: Create bi-directional partnerships between academic centers and community clinical practices to stimulate research ideas, facilitate clinical and translational research, and test strategies to improve health

Aim 2: Develop infrastructure to support research in rural clinical practices

Aim 3: Enhance research capacity through improved data access and data standardization, and provide training and access to state-of-the art observational and clinical research methodologies in collaboration with the Clinical Research Design, Epidemiology & Biostatistics Core.

Rural Health Research & Community Engagement Core Staff

Staff within the core are dedicated to working closely with community physicians and health care practice representatives to strengthen community partnerships and improve the capacity to design and execute community-informed research.

Charles D. MacLean, MDCM, FACPPhysicianUVMemail
Lisbeth WierdaLisbeth Wierda, MPHProject ManagerMMCemail
Kerri Barton smKerri L. Barton, MPHRural Research NavigatorMMCemail

nancy kaplan photo
Nancy KaplanRural Research NavigatorUVMemail
 Heidi Considine Cred ODC
 Heidi ConsidineProject ManagerUVMemail

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