Professional Development Core

The Professional Development Core is led by Kimberly Luebbers and Irwin Brodsky. Ivette Emery serves as the Curriculum Director.

Kimberly Luebbers,


Core LeaderUVMemail
Irwin Brodsky, 


Core Co-LeaderMMCemail
Ivette EmoryIvette Emery, PhDCurriculum DirectorMMCemail

The mission of the Professional Development Core is to increase the number of researchers engaged in clinical and translational research in our region and to boost their productivity.

To address this mission, the Professional Development Core will coordinate with the NNE-CTR partnering institutions and other cores to:

  • Identify and provide career enhancing services to those in the formative phase of their research careers, and in particular pilot project awardees;
  • Guide, support, and engage community-based physicians seeking to improve the care of their patients through clinical investigation; and
  • Foster collaborative, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional teams in conducting clinical and translational research

More information about how the Professional Development Core can help you in your clinical and translational research will be posted soon.