The Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research (NNE-CTR) Network was established in July 2017 to establish and enhance the infrastructure and expertise needed for clinical and translational research. Our goal is to support innovative studies that will ultimately improve health outcomes in our region.

The network is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Science through their Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research Program. The program supports "the development of infrastructure and other resources required for the conduct of clinical and translational research in IDeA-eligible states," such as Maine and Vermont.

The NNE-CTR is working to accomplish the following major aims:

  • Improve the infrastructure and support for clinical and translational research in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
  • Establish collaborative and synergistic interdisciplinary research partnerships among the NNE-CTR institutions that address health problems prevalent in the rural populations of northern New England, including addiction, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
  • Establish innovative training, mentorship, and professional development programs to support clinical and translational scientists at the NNE-CTR institutions as well as our community partners
  • Connect community healthcare practices—particularly in rural areas—with academic institutions, medical centers, primary care research networks, and state resources to identify and ultimately remove barriers that compromise rural healthcare access and delivery through innovative and community-specific research initiatives

Multiple Principal Investigators, Drs. Clifford Rosen and Gary Stein, lead the network.

Clifford Rosen

Clifford Rosen, M.D.

Director of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, Maine Medical Center

Gary Stein

Gary Stein, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, The University of Vermont