University of Vermont COBRE 1 & 2

"Center for Neuroscience Excellence"
 Research Projects and Investigators Years 1 - 10
 P20 RR016435, 9/1/2001 - 6/30/2011

Investigator/DepartmentCOBRE Funded DatesProject Title
Rona Delay, Ph.D., Biology2001-6*Chloride Homeostasis on Olfactory Neurons
William Falls, Ph.D., Psychology2001-6Molecular and Genetics Analysis of Learned Fear Reduction in Mice
Anthony Morielli, Ph.D., Pharmacology2001-6*Kinase and Cytoskeletal Regulation of Potassium Channels
** Matthew Rand, Ph.D., Anatomy & Neurobiology2001-6Proteolytic Modulation of Notch Signaling in Neurogenesis
George Wellman, Ph.D., Pharmacology2001-6*Mechanisms of Cerebral Vasospasm in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Investigator/DepartmentCOBRE Funded DatesProject Title
Alan Howe, Ph.D., Pharmacology2006-11Spatial Regulation of Protein Kinase A Signaling During Growth Cone Guidance
** Miguel Martin-Caraballo, Ph.D., Biology2006-11Development Regulation of GluR2 AMPA Receptor Subunit Expression
Jeffrey Spees, Ph.D., Medicine2006-11Adult Bone Marrow Stemp Cells for CNS Repair
** Uma Wesley, Ph.D., Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2006-11Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPPIV) in Peripheral Neurogenesis and Neuroblastomas

* Limited support in last year as graduated to extramural support directly related to COBRE support

** Moved to another institution:
Matthew Rand, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
Miguel Martin-Caraballo, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Umadevi Wesley, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Neurological Surgery, University of Wisconsin