Imaging/Physiology Core Facility: Policies & Procedures

The policies are subject to change without notice. Please review them carefully. Failure to follow these policies will result in the loss of facility privileges.

  • Users must sign-in with name, date, time, temperature and humidity.
  • All users must be trained by the facility director. To schedule training, please contact Todd Clason (656-0413).
  • Users must delete files from the data acquisition computer weekly. There will be no other backups of the system.
  • Users are responsible for their own chemical waste. Unlabeled containers left in the facility will result in one week's suspension for the entire group.
  • Any chemicals, solutions or samples stored in the facility must be labelled with the group's name, contents, date and toxicity. There are drawers, an incubator and refrigerator available for storage of supplies and solutions.

All publications and presentations containing data obtained from use of any equipment must be properly acknowledged as seen here.