Imaging & Physiology Core

The COBRE Neuroscience Imaging and Physiology Core at the University of Vermont is a central resource which offers specialized imaging systems and software optimized for live immunofluorescence studies. The Core is managed by Todd Clason, (802) 656-0413, and located in E015 Given Building.

We maintain a DeltaVision restoration microscopy system, a Nikon Ti-E Inverted Microscope with C2 Confocal, an Andor Yokogawa CSU-W1 Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy System, a Zeiss/BioRad 2100 dedicated multiphoton microscope, and a Zeiss LSM-7 dedicated multiphoton microscope. Patch-clamp and cell stimulation equipment is available for use on most microscope systems.

Click the images below to learn more about the imaging systems available.