Image courtesy of the Langevin lab.


BioRad/Zeiss Radiance Dedicated Multiphoton Microscope

The system is optimized for work on live tissues, and can image at significant depth within samples. It has three main components: the scan head, the laser and the microscope.

Scan Head

  • Four non-descanned detectors (three simultaneous) for maximum sensitivity
  • Full compliment of emission filters

Light Source - Coherent Chameleon Laser

  • Tunable from 720-930 nm
  • Pulse width of about 140 fs
  • Peak power of about 1.5 W (800 nm)
  • Fully automated and integrated with BioRad acquisition software

Olympus BX51WI Microscope

  • Fixed-stage upright microscope for maximum stability
  • Objectives: Olympus XLUM PlanF1 20X/0.95 NA W DIC optics