University of Vermont COBRE 3

"Center for Neuroscience Excellence"
 Abstract Years 11 - 16
 P30 GM103498, 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2016

Neuroscience has been designated by the University of Vermont administration and College of Medicine Dean's office as an area of research and training emphasis at UVM. The overall goal of the Neuroscience COBRE Administrative/Intellectual Core is to significantly expand research and training infrastructure in neuroscience at UVM, and to facilitate interactions between basic and clinical neuroscience investigators. Activities supported by the Administrative/Intellectual Core over the next grant period will build on the significant accomplishments made during the initial 10 years of COBRE funding. The goals of the Administrative/Intellectual Core are aligned with the goals of the University-wide designation of Neuroscience, Behavior and Health as a Transdisciplinary Spire of Excellence for strategic investment.

The Specific Goals of the Administrative/Intellectual Core are to:

Goal 1 - Oversee continued vitality and growth of the Neuroscience COBRE Imaging/Physiology and Cellular/Molecular Biology Cores.
Goal 2 - Provide support for Pilot Projects to generate data for new research initiatives.
Goal 3 - Maintain a vigorous mentoring program to promote success of pilot project grant directors and newly recruited junior neuroscience investigators at UVM.
Goal 4 - Organize a University-wide Neuroscience Seminar Series and Annual Retreat.
Goal 5 - Facilitate the growth and productivity of the university-wide Neuroscience Graduate Program.
Goal 6 - Facilitate dialogue between basic and clinical scientists that promotes development of collaborative and translational neuroscience research.
Goal 7 - Support two strategic research initiatives: 1) Stroke and neurovascular interactions and 2) Neural regulation of autonomic nervous system development, function and disorders