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Neuroscience Grand Rounds (by date)


03/17/2023 Abby Hielscher, PhD | “CT-Based Imaging in the Anatomy Lab ” | Video

03/03/23 Fatemeh Sobhani, MD | “Moving Forward Faster with Tenecteplase for Adult Acute Ischemic Stroke: Review of Scientific Evidence and Transition Process at UVMMC” | Video

01/20/23 Eric Newman, MD | “What Happened to Me? The History and Mystery of TGA” | Video

01/13/23 Andrew J. Solomon, MD | “Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, and Misdiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis – Past, Present and Future” | Video


12/16/22 Michael K. Hehir, MD | “Measuring Side Effect Burden in Neurology: Pilot Validation of the Adverse Event Unit “ | Video

12/09/2022 Anna Ricci, PhD | “Developmental Trajectories of the Sleep EEG and its Association with Psychopathology in Youth” | Video

12/02/2022 Nathalie Feldman, MD and Leigh Ann Holterman, PhD| “Narrative Feedback: How Our Words Influence Inclusivity in the Learning Environment’s experiences” | Video

11/11/2022 Katie Grouse MD, FAAN | “Improving Clinical Practice through Informatics: A neurologist informaticist’s experiences” | Video

10/14/2022 Jacqueline Hunter, DC, MHA, SVP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, UVMHN | The Transformation of DEI & Healthcare | Video

09/30/2022 Lara Jehi, MD, MHCDS | Path from traditional statistics to machine learning and informatics in epilepsy surgery | Video

09/16/2022  Deepak K. Gupta, MD, MS | Informatics and Medical Education Research in Neurology | Video

09/09/2022 Eliza C. Miller, MD, MS | Neuro-Obstetrics: Partnering to Prevent Maternal Neurological Morbidity and Mortality | Video

06/17/2022 George A. Schumacher Lecture: Andrew Charles, MD | Paradigm Shifts in the Understanding and Management of Migraine | Video

05/20/2022 Ryan Wilson, MD | Hyperreflexia Mechanisms or Why reflex hammers are still useful | Video

05/13/2022 Stanley Emery Lecture: Michael Shevell, MD CM FRCP, FCAHS | Cerebral Palsy in the 21st Century: Translating Science into Prevention & Management | Video

04/29/2022 Abbie Chapman Johnson, PhD | The Hippocampal Vascular Supply and its Role in Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia | Video

04/15/2022 Ashok Gupta Memorial Lecture: Stanley Fahn, MD | The Revolutionary Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease that Almost Got Away: The Levodopa Story | Video

04/01/2022 Oluwatosin Akintola, MD | The Glioma-Neuron Microenvironment | Video

03/04/2022 Daniela Zambrano, MD | Eliminating Disparities for Trans and Gender Diverse People:  An Opportunity for Stroke Prevention | Video 

02/18/2022 Lisa Deuel, MD | Parkinson Disease and the Gut: the Role Microbiome, Inflammation, and Alpha-synuclein Proliferation | Video

01/14/2022 Carolyne Riehle, DO | Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension | Video


12/17/2021 Elizabeth Isaacoff, MD, MBE | Neuroethics: Exploring Medical Futility | Video

12/10/2021 Hillel Panitch Lecture: Lilyana Amezcua MD, MS, FAAN | Understanding Race & Ethnicity in Multiple Sclerosis | Video

12/03/2021 Katie M. Wells, MD, MPH and Ramsey Herrington, MD | A Journey Towards Equity in Academic Medicine | Video

11/18/2021 Mark Garret, MD | Advances in SOD1-associated ALS & Implications for ALS Clinical Trials | Video

11/12/2021 Hannah H. Noah, MD, MPH | Neuro-Meteorology: How the Weather Affects Neurologic Disease | Video

10/29/2021 Melanie A. McNally, MD | Seizure Activity Precedes Delayed Death of Injured Neurons after Developmental Hypoxia-Ischemia | Video

10/08/2021 Paul Jarvis Memorial Lecture: Janet S. Soul, MD | Bumetanide for Neonatal Seizures: Using Pathophysiology to Develop Novel Treatment Strategies | Video

09/17/2021 Alissa A. Thomas, MD | Neurological Complications of CAR-T Cell Therapy | Video

09/10/2021 Gregory L. Holmes, MD | Epileptic Encephalopathy: A Symphony Gone Awry | Video