Suratt Lab Research

As a Physician-Scientist trained and practicing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, my research has focused on innate immune function and the development of pulmonary inflammation, particularly as seen in pneumonia and acute lung injury/ARDS. The cornerstone of our work to date has been the correlation of findings in human illness (using relevant clinical samples) to appropriate animal models, in order to dissect the underlying mechanisms of clinical phenomena, with an emphasis on the influence of host factors. This approach is highlighted in our most recent work examining the effects of obesity on innate immune function.

Over the past 10 years, my lab has explored obesity and the metabolic syndrome as disease modifiers in pulmonary and systemic inflammation with a focus on critical illness and respiratory infection in both human subjects and mouse models. We currently are investigating the myriad effects of the metabolic syndrome using a variety to in vitro and in vivo models to isolate different aspects of the syndrome such as hypercholesterolemia and adipokine disarray.

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