Wood Research Program

High Risk Breast Program

Dr. Wood is the founder and principal investigator of the High Risk Breast Program (HRBP). The program was established in 2003 as a clinical program with a research focus for women with a moderate to high risk for developing breast cancer. Dr. Wood is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont and The University of Vermont Medical Center and a Medical Oncologist at the University of Vermont Cancer Center. Dr. Wood provides clinical, research and programmatic oversight to the program. She refers patients to the program and related studies and develops and implements research projects for the High Risk Breast Program.

Familial Cancer Program

Dr. Wood is Director of the University of Vermont Cancer Center’s Familial Cancer Program. The FCP provides advanced, multidisciplinary care for individuals and families at elevated risk for developing cancer.

Providers with many different areas of clinical expertise work together to offer the most up-to-date information to individuals and families regarding their cancer risk.

Research Opportunities

Telephone-Based Genetic Counseling: An Equivalence Trial

This is a collaborative study with Georgetown University intended to compare telephone-based genetic counseling to traditional face-to-face genetic counseling among women at risk for carrying BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations.

Studies of Cancer in Families: Human Tissue Banking Protocol for the Familial Cancer

The purpose of this study is to create a bank of blood and tissue samples at the UVM Cancer Center. This tissue and data bank will be a resource for researchers who study cancer in families. Banked samples and information will be made available to researchers with IRB approved studies of genetics and cancer. By providing blood and tissue samples to researchers we hope to better understand the role of genes in the development of cancer. Principal Investigators for this study are: Marie Wood, M.D., Marc Greenblatt, M.D., Wendy McKinnon, M.S.

To learn more about the Familial Cancer Program research, visit the FCP website