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Virtual Steps to Wellness

June 30, 2021 by Tammy Higgins

We are also happy to officially recognize the work our supportive services teams provide as Dr. Kim Dittus has joined the TDT leadership group in her role as the leader of the newly-formed Supportive Care and Survivorship TDT. The pandemic has presented challenges for this work. Dr. Dittus provides an overview of the virtual approach to Steps to Wellness.

Steps to Wellness (STW), the UVM Cancer Center exercise-based oncology rehabilitation program, opened their doors 10 years ago. The 2020 experience opened up new avenues for STW to reach more survivors. Shortly after the doors were shut for in-person exercise, the STW exercise trainers, Rebecca Reynolds and Lucian Benway, developed a virtually delivered, real time exercise program for cancer survivors via ZOOM. The format remains the same—aerobic and strength training for 12 weeks. Rebecca and Lucian are able to monitor patient’s progress just as they did in person. So far 77 survivors have participated with 85% retention rates. STW is now available to patients throughout the network using our virtual system. In the fall STW will be back in person and will continue the virtual program, as well. To refer patients, simply type the word “steps” in an order and Steps to Wellness referral comes up. Or call 802-847-9852.