Survey Summary Reports 

Week 18: September 14-21, 2020

We continue to examine occupational burnout and stressors during COVID. 59% (total n = 817) of participants are experiencing burnout in one or more domains.” Feeling emotionally drained and fatigued by work and a limited exhilaration about working with patients are the most common expressions of burnout. 

Emotional Exhaustion (few days to every day)

  • Feel emotionally drained from my work (89%)
  • Feel fatigued when I get up in the morning (85%)
  • Working with people is really a strain (73%)

Depersonalization (few days to every day)

  • Have become callous/cynical (26%)
  • Do not care what happens to some patients (59%)
  • Treat some as impersonal objects (29%)

Personal Accomplishment (not every day)

  • Feel exhilarated working with patients (91%)
  • Deal effectively with patient’s problems (76%)
  • Positively influence others’ lives (73%)