Overview of Clinical & Translational Science Programs

Clinical and translational science (CTS) spans basic biology, clinical medicine, and community health policy to understand and develop new approaches to improving human health. CTS investigators need to appreciate how biologic and non-biologic aspects of health care interact to influence individuals and populations and how to turn those interactions to advantage

The Education, Training, and Career Development Unit has created a novel and flexible plan to facilitate the training and career development of a robust clinical and translational research workforce and to give individuals with diverse backgrounds, working with faculty from many disciplines, an Educational and Career Development Program to prepare them for their roles as important and productive contributors to CTS. Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining an innovative educational program in CTS
  • Enlarging and enhancing a cutting-edge career development program in CTS
  • Supporting the next generation of CTS investigators through a predoctoral training program in CTS
  • Enhancing inclusion of underserved populations in CTS programs

Resources and Services

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Weekly Seminars

  • Our weekly, 75-minute, seminar series occur on Fridays at noon in Given Courtyard S359 during the academic year. Seminar presentations are designed to meet the needs of matriculated students and faculty, and include invited researchers discussing their current projects, faculty presentations of their work, student project updates, journal clubs, and sessions on career development. Our seminars are required for matriculated students, but open to anyone who is interested. Please let us know if you would like to join the mailing list to hear about upcoming seminars. 

Clinical Research Outcomes Workshop (CROW)

  • CROW is a research support group for investigators. This weekly research club is hosted by Dr. Littenberg and is run by the participants. The venue is open to students and interested UVM faculty who wish to bring their new and developing ideas for discussion, education, and feedback. Please contact us if you are interested in joining.


Leadership and Administration

Benjamin Littenberg, MDDirectorGiven Courtyard, S459
 Program SpecialistCTS@uvm.edu