Faculty & Staff

Division Director
Jennifer Gilwee, MD
Assistant Professor(802) 847-4237
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NameTitle PhoneInformation
Karen Abernathy, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-8354Email l Bio
Dennis Beatty, MD
Assistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Claudia Berger, MD
Assistant Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Zail Berry, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Tania Bertsch, MD
Associate Professor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Anne Breña, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Jania Clough, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Jason Gramling, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Alberto Gutierrez, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-8354Email l Bio
Diane Haddock, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Diane Hakey, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Jonathan Hayden, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Elizabeth Rosy Hill, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Mia Hockett, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Patricia King, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Marvin Klikunas, MD
Associate Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Michael LaMantia, MDAssociate Professor, Section Head- Geriatrics(802) 847-4237Email l Bio
Alison Landrey, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Mark Levine, MDProfessor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Benjamin Littenberg, MDHenry and Carleen Tufo Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Jessica Lunardini, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Scott Luria, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Charles MacLean, MDProfessor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Isaura Menzies, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Alexandra Messerli, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-1470Email l Bio
John Miller, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Lucy Miller, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Roberta O'Brien, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-8354Email | Bio
Mark Pasanen, MDAssociate Professor, Director Internal Medicine Residency Program(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Richard Pinckney, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Dennis Plante, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-1470Email | Bio
Sara Roberts, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email l Bio
Alan Rubin, MDAssociate Professor(802) 656-8228Email | Bio
Marie Sandoval, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Halle Sobel, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4531Email | Bio
Susan Weinstein, DOAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Lynn Wilkinson, MDClinical Practice Physician(802) 847-1470Email l Bio
David Ziegelman, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4714Email | Bio
Suzanne Lee
Administrative Assistant(802) 847-4237Email

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