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  • Annie Lab Notes Gilman Debunking of Misleading Face Mask Tweet
    January 25, 2023 by Lucy Gardner Carson
    (JANUARY 25, 2023) In an article published by the Annie Lab newsroom, Gilman Allen, M.D., professor of medicine, disputed a claim in a January 2023 Twitter video highlighting findings from a “brand-new” Japanese study demonstrating that “masking breeds dangerous bacteria and fungi” and therefore justifies ending mandatory mask wearing.
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  • Kaminsky Quoted in Seven Days Story on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Long COVID
    January 18, 2023 by Lucy Gardner Carson
    (JANUARY 18, 2023) David Kaminsky, M.D., professor of medicine, a pulmonologist and critical care physician who routinely sees patients with long COVID symptoms, was quoted in a Seven Days story about the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for patients suffering from so-called long COVID.
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