Student Education Group

The Student Education Group (SEG) is comprised of students who are dedicated to and actively involved in the ongoing improvement of the medical school curriculum. Our responsibility is to act as a liaison with faculty to provide a unified student point of view, and to appropriately bring pertinent educational issues to the attention of faculty and course directors. Our foremost goal is to create an optimal environment for medical education at UVM.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please either let one of your SEG Representatives know or email Audrea Bose.

Highlights June 2018 Meeting:

  • Osmosis Demo and Active Learning Update
  • Accreditation Survey Timeline Update
  • Various Academic Committee Updates

Highlights May 2018 Meeting:

  • Welcomed new committee representatives to the team and explained their responsibilities
  • Discussion with Dr. Tania Bertsch about the Clerkship Committee, their latest evaluations, and how SEG can contribute
  • Update on Neural Sciences course feedback

Highlights April 2018 Meeting:

  • Update on the Active Learning Preparation Survey and the project’s future directions
  • Discussion about the Active Learning Task Force with to Dr. Moore, the new Director of Active Learning, including a Class of 2021 poll of class scheduling preferences
  • Discussion about active learning and student accessibility, considering necessary accommodations

Highlights March 2018 Meeting:

  • Discussion and support of the creation of an academic guidebook as a resource for students
  • Discussion with Social Justice Coalition Leaders about incorporating more social justice topics in the Foundations curriculum
  • Discussing preparation and planning of LCME accreditation self study process

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Class Representatives

Class of 2018

Rachel Carlson
Elizabeth Carson
Charlotte Hastings
Alexandra Miller

Class of 2019

Chris Bernard
Marc Vecchio
Laura Director
Lawrence Leung

Class of 2020

Hanna Mathers
Daniel De Los Santos
Chad Serels
Ethan Witt

Class of 2021

Audrea Bose
Sidney Hilker
Flora Liu
Sienna Searles