Student Affairs

The Student Services Team provides student services and support for academic success, personal health and wellbeing and career advising. Moreover, the Student Services Team supports Student Council, the Wellness Committee, the student honors societies (AOA and GHHS) and the Committee on Advancement and Fitness; serving as a student advocate for all students.

For an overview of our policies and procedures, view the Student Handbook.

Academic Success

Academic success services include information regarding tutoring, testtaking strategies, time management, referrals for learning evaluations, disability services and accommodations and USMLE information, vouchers and resources.

Personal Health and Wellbeing

Personal Health and Wellbeing services include meetings with Dr. Rosen, referrals to counseling services and health and wellbeing programing in collaboration with the university and the Wellness Committee.

Career Planning

Career advising services include training, support and resources for primary (PCR) and specialty advisors, information regarding specialties (CiM specialty panel, support for specialty SIGs, information regarding CiM) and information, support and resources for applying to residency.


Message from Dr. Zehle

"The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont has a reputation of attracting bright, talented, and motivated students from all over the country. I am so excited that they have chosen to become a part of our medical community and I look forward to working with them throughout their medical education. The Larner College of Medicine is committed to providing our students with a supportive academic environment to help them be successful in becoming a physician."

Dr. Christa Zehle, Associate Dean for Students

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