Travel Awards program

The University of Vermont Medical Student Travel Opportunity was established to support students who would like to travel to conferences, alternative learning opportunities or similar events. Travel awards are funded through donations to the UVM College of Medicine. Application Deadlines = an announcement will be posted in the Weekly Wire to provide deadline for submission of applications. There are three application review periods each year.

Completed applications can be submitted year-round and will be reviewed by the Travel Award Selection Committee at meetings generally held in September, February, and May.

Application Due Dates: January 30, April 30, and August 30.

Questions? Email or call 802-656-0724.

Please do not apply more than nine months ahead of your travel date. 

Please submit electronically to

International Travel During Your Medical Education

Traveling abroad during your medical education is an exciting and rewarding experience. Our students have the opportunity to travel abroad at various points in the curriculum, especially during the summer between their first and second year or during the Advanced Integration portion of the curriculum.

To assist you with the process of travelling abroad for a medical education experience and to ensure your safety during your travels, UVM COM students will now be participating in the iAbroad program, which the University of Vermont Undergraduate College uses extensively. The iAbroad program includes four phases (mostly geared towards undergraduate students), however only one of those phases will need to be completed by UVM College of Medicine students. We are working closely with the UVM Office of International Education to adjust the program to meet the needs of medical students and welcome any feedback from your experience using the program.

To obtain an account, you will need to contact ErinAnna Smith, the Study Abroad Coordinator. Erin will develop an account for you that will use your UVM Net ID and password. The process is estimated to take you less than 1 hour to complete and the Office of International Education would like you to complete the process within a 2-week period. You should complete the process about 3-4 months prior to your intended travel date if possible.

Use of the iAbroad program applies to all students traveling abroad as part of their medical education, including students participating in the Danbury Global Health rotations. Thank you and please contact the Office of Medical Student Education if you have any questions or if the Office can be of any assistance.