Health equity is the ethical and human rights principle or value that motivates us to eliminate health disparities. It means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy, mentally and physically, as possible. This requires removing obstacles, including those that are socially determined, to health. Health equity is both a process and a measurable outcome whereby health disparities are reduced or eliminated. Health Equity Research is the process of developing and evaluating mechanisms to reduce health disparities.  This website is a clearinghouse for ideas, collaborations, information about funding, and building connections within the LCOM, UVMMC, University of Vermont and other Vermont communities to support and enhance Health Equity Research.

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Pre-Med Students Practice Skills, Gain Confidence, at Pathway to Pediatrics Event

April 20, 2023 by Janet Essman Franz

Undergraduate students from groups under-represented in medicine often overlook pediatric medicine as a career choice. Larner medical students hosted an event to increase pediatrician diversity and support undergrads who feel apprehensive about medical school.

In the UVM Clinical Simulation Laboratory, undergraduate students considering careers in medicine practiced clinical skills on manikins. (photo: David Seaver)

Aspiring medical students from historically underserved populations gathered at the University of Vermont in April for URiM Pathway to Pediatrics (UPP). Hosted by Larner medical students and funded by the Department of Pediatrics, this one-day program offers a glimpse into medical school for undergraduate students from racial and ethnic groups under-represented in medicine (URiM) who are interested in careers in medicine. Read more and view photos from the event.

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