LCOM Graduate Student Council


The mission of this council is to represent and support the interests of all graduate students receiving training within the Larner College of Medicine or its affiliated graduate umbrella programs.  Students represented are at the masters and doctoral levels, as well as, in person and online. The council interfaces with Larner leadership and other student groups and acts in an advisory role to provide direct and programmatic student support, facilitating an inclusive and supported community.

The council members can be reached by emailing


Meet Your 2023 Larner Council Members!


Top L-R: Anne Snyder, Amila Semic, Sarah Abeling
Bottom L-R:  Patrick Olson, Jenna McDonald, Jenna Borovinsky,Clemens Probst

Did you know...

... UVM has an institutional license with the National Postdoc Association, so all graduate students can gain access to their resources? Link here.
...Larner LEAP is looking for a graduate student representative? Interested? Contact Erin Montgomery.
  • Bivona Creates an Open-Source Mouse Wheel
    March 9, 2022 by Michelle Bookless
    Like many inventions, the LOST-Wheel was born out of necessity and, jokes Bivona, out of spite. In his final years as a Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences graduate student, Bivona worked on a grant-funded project in the laboratory of UVM Larner College of Medicine Professor of Medicine Matthew Poynter, Ph.D. The project, says Poynter, aims to determine the contribution of skeletal muscle contractile muscle cells (myocytes) to local and systemic inflammation and the potential benefits of exercise to diminish overexuberant or protracted inflammation. The work relies heavily on the study of mouse models after they exercise either on rodent treadmills (yes, they make treadmills for rodents) or on small circular machines commonly called mouse wheels.



Previous Council Representatives

    • Hannah Despres
    • Sean Lenahan
    • Kiera Malone
    • Matt Mullen
    • Joe Owuor
    • Anne Snyder
    • Liz Sparks
    • Kevin Pham
    • Michael Villalpando


    • Hannah Despres
    • Dorcas Lohese
    • Matthew Mullen
    • Sean Lenahan
    • Joe Owuor


    • JJ Bivona
    • Hannah Despres
    • Mike Hoaglund
    • Axel Masquelin
    • Harly Rodriquez
    • Amanda Sidwell

    2019-2020 (Inaugural year)

    • JJ Bivona
    • Caitlin Coates
    • Axel Masquelin
    • Amanda Sidwell
    • Marcus Weinman