TOPMEd Curriculum

topmednewlogo200x200_000Established in 2011, TOPMEd is a five-year project dedicated to enhancing the UVM College of Medicine curriculum.  The TOPMEd program is a longitudinal medical student curriculum designed to develop and foster team-oriented, patient-centered skills, knowledge and behaviors.

Level 1: Foundations

Level 1 is the foundation of the educational program and features the development of fundamental science knowledge and clinical skills in a clinically relevant context. Initial courses in the fundamentals of medical science are followed by a series of organ system-based courses. TOPMEd curriculum elements are included in these courses:

  • Orientation
  • Professionalism, Communication and Reflection (PCR)
  • Public Health Projects
  • Doctoring in Vermont (DIV)
  • Cultural Awareness Day
  • Generations
  • Guest lecturers
  • Nutrition, Metabolism, and Gastrointestinal System

Level 2: Clerkship

Level 2 consists of core clerkships emphasizing the basic principles of clinical medicine, including primary and preventive care while building clinical skills for students through daily care of patients within different medical specialties in both ambulatory and hospital environments. TOPMEd curriculum elements are included in these courses:

  • Clerkship Bridges
  • Family Medicine Clerkship

Level 3: Advanced Integration

Level 3 provides students with additional responsibilities for patient care including two acting internships, and clinical electives. Students also fulfill a requirement for scholarly work in teaching or research. TOPMEd curriculum elements are included in these courses:

  • Teaching Practicum or Scholarly Project
  • Family Medicine Research
  • Underserved Rotation
  • Health Care Policy Elective
  • TOPMEd Internship
  • Lactation Management
  • Outpatient Opportunities 
  • Palliative Care
  • Global Health