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Second to none

Some of the newest innovations in medical education are taking place at the nation’s seventh oldest medical school. From the day you arrive at the Larner College of Medicine to the day you leave to begin your residency, your future as an M.D. is the focus of our outstanding curriculum and faculty.

Learn about the Vermont Integrated Curriculum.

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The Larner College of Medicine is proud to be a dynamic leader in medical education that shifts the traditional paradigm right from the start, from learning through observing to learning by doing.

Read about Active Learning to find out more about lecture-free classrooms.

COM Cares

We believe active learning is the way students become confident and successful physicians. And, as always, human connections are at the core of our teachings. Through our holistic, personalized approach, we help you become the physician you want to be and the one your patients need – a doctor who is understanding, intelligent, a good listener, and a critical thinker. Who respects the patient and the community. The way it should be.

Serve the world we live in through Community Engagement and Public Health Projects.

Student during clinic hoursStudents gain clinical experience at a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings and locations. Visit Clinical Affiliate Sites to learn about the embedded 12-month Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, and the UVM Clinical Branch Campus (which offers a diverse patient population in NY-metro western Connecticut community hospital location).

Learn more about clerkships through Clinical Affiliate Sites

Global HealthUnderpinning our focus on exposing students to health populations beyond the campus community, our Global Health Program provides opportunities to participate in rotations across multiple locations around the world. Students gain in-the-field experience and cultural competencies that prepare them for practicing medicine with diverse populations in foreign locations.

View the world through a global lens. Read about our Global Health Program.


It’s no accident that our recent graduates, in an independent survey, ranked the Larner College of Medicine in the highest percentile possible for satisfaction with the quality of their medical education. Maybe it’s a result of our combination of innovative teaching and a strong connection to community.

Whole New Level

Larner medical students experience mentoring across all four years, developing communications skills along with clinical skills, learning how to advocate for your patients, your community and yourselves. Here, you will make lifelong connections with our faculty, our community, your classmates and your patients that you’ll carry with you in a career that promises to be as fulfilling as you’ve always imagined. Together, we’ll make the future of health care better.  

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