About the Community Guidebook


Hello and welcome!

My name is Desiree DiBella, and I am a member of Larner College of Medicine Class of 2019. The community guidebook you are about to utilize is a resource I have dreamt of creating since beginning my career at the College of Medicine. Before and after moving to Burlington, I experienced deep frustration not being able to find a reliable source of information for personal services and housing for the Burlington community and surrounding neighborhoods. In particular, I identify as an African American woman with naturally curly hair and for the life of me could not find a reputable salon within a three hour drive. I found myself searching numerous chatrooms, clinking onto random websites, and attempting to make that one connection that would provide me information that may or may not be helpful. As a medical student this was not sustainable.

After speaking with several colleagues, I found they were also navigating complex back channels to find resources. Thus the beginnings of the Vermont Community Guidebook. Its construction and maintenance has three main stages:

1. This beta version was created as a framework and starting place for readers to gain information as well as potentially see themselves reflected in the various offerings of Vermont.

2. Readers especially LCOM students, faculty, staff, and allies are encouraged to add to the Guidebook by way of the link below. In this way, the Guidebook remains updated and expansive throughout its life.

Send us your additions to the Community Guidebook

3. In the potentially near future, the Guidebook or links to the Guidebook may accompany mailed admissions materials to applicants as a means to connect them to personally supported Vermont community resources.

This Guidebook is an attempt to bring together many sources of information for easy access. It is my hope that information provided by a diverse set of readers (you) will reflect a diverse collection of experiences and resources from which everyone may benefit.

Whether you are reading this guidebook as LCOM student, faculty, staff, alumni, or community member, I hope you find its contents relevant and valuable.

 - Desiree DiBella, M.D. Candidate, Larner College of Medicine


Community Guidebook