Finding Our Common Ground:
Equity & Inclusive Excellence Certificate


The Larner College of Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion is pleased to offer the Finding Our Common Ground: Equity & Inclusive Excellence Certificate, available to a limited cohort of medical school staff and faculty for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The program reflects the Larner College of Medicine’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism through integrity, accountability, compassion, altruism, social responsibility, cultural humility, kindness and respect. Participants will engage in activities designed to promote a climate of intercultural awareness and equity across the community.



The certificate provides a foundation for enhancing professionalism through the development of cultural humility skills. At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the terminology and frameworks relevant to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.
  • Explain how the complex relationship between systemic racism and social identity affects campus climate and interpersonal interactions.
  • Demonstrate improvements in understanding systemic oppression, multicultural awareness and cultural humility.
  • Implement practical skills that can be used to ensure equity and inclusion and effect social change at the Larner College of Medicine and beyond.


Certificate Requirements & Time Commitment

  1. The program beings in July 2019 and ends in May 2020 (10 months)
  2. Requires completion of five (5) required workshops, three (3) electives and a diversity capstone project
  3. Total class hours for the certificate  = 25, Total hours, including electives and final project = approx. 40.


Cohort Model

The certificate utilizes a cohort model consisting of 15 - 20 members from across the Larner College of Medicine. This cohort approach to developing skills will provide an interactive, and dynamic setting by bringing people together to build community, foster creativity, develop leadership skills, and encourage greater progress.


Capstone Project: Becoming an Equity Champion

The Capstone project reinforces the learning goals and objectives of the program. Utilizing knowledge gained through courses and their elective learning experiences, cohort members will explore a problem or issue of particular professional interest and apply skills and knowledge gained through the program to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace.



Required Workshop & Activity Schedule

SUMMER 2019Cohort Introduction1online independentonline, independentonline, independent
 Intercultural Development Inventory1individually scheduled sessionTBDGiven D201
 Cultural & Linguistic Competency3Aug 2012–3:00 pm*Med Ed 302-303
FALL 2019Seeing and Disrupting Racism2Sep 1212–2:30 pm*Med Ed 302-303
 Building Empathy and Addressing Racism6Oct 15 & 28, Nov 1212–2:30 pm*


Med Ed 302-303

SPRING 2020Privilege & Accountability for Aspiring Allies8Jan 9 & 23, Feb 3 & 2012–2:30 pm*Med Ed 302-303
 Capstone Projectvaries   

*Lunch will be provided from 12:00 - 12:30 pm, at the beginning of each workshop

Electives (Minimum of 3)

Electives may be chosen from a full range of programming available to the UVM community, including the following workshops offered through the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and UVM Training & Development:

  • Disability: From Classroom to Work
  • Serving Undocumented Students
  • Micro-aggressions and their Impact in the Workplace
  • Religious Diversity in the Workplace
  • Safe Zone Allies Workshop
  • Larner College of Medicine MLK Health Equity Lecture
  • Imbasciani LGBTQ Health Equity Lecture
  • Blackboard Jungle Development Series
  • Edu@UVM
    As well as many others… 

Who Should Participate?

Larner faculty and staff who currently serve as departmental diversity champions as well as those who would like to enhance their cultural humility and professionalism skills are encouraged to participate.


The cost for the full program is $200, which we expect can be covered by departmental professional development funds. There is no cost to the participant.

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For more information or questions, please contact the Office of Diversity & Inclusion