Distinguished Investigators

CVRI-VT  recognizes investigators who are performing sustained, impactful cardiovascular research by naming them as "Distinguished Investigators."  Candidates for this award are nominated by members of the Board of Directors and previous Distinguished investigators.  Those accepted for the award will hold the designation, are expected to participate in key CVRI-VT activities, and are recognized by CVRI-VT with a reception and a commitment for funding. The current CVRI-VT Distinguished Investigators are: 



Philip Ades, MD

Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine

Department of Medicine

Inaugural Philip Ades, MD Professor of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 

2015-2016 UVM University Scholar 

Research Interests:  Characterization of the methods and benefits of weight loss in obese coronary patients. 

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Joseph E. Brayden, PhD


Department of Pharmacology

Research Interests:  Cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology

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Martin M. LeWinter, MD

Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine

Department of Medicine

2007-2008 UVM University Scholar

Research Interests:  Mechanoenergetics of the myocardium in acquired heart failure and genetic models of cardiomyopathy

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George Osol, PhD

Professor of Medicine


Department of Obstetrics, Gynceology and Reproductive Sciences 

2010-2011 UVM University Scholar

Research Interests:  Vascular adaptation during pregnancy

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Toth_ 150x200

Michael J. Toth, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Research Interests:  Muscle physiology and skeletal muscle dysfunction

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Russell Tracy, PhD


Department of Pathology

2009-2010 UVM University Scholar

Research Interests:  Interrelationships of
coagulation, fibrinolysis, and inflammation, especially the innate and
adaptive immune systems

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Kathleen M. Trybus, PhD


Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Research Interests:  Basic mechanisms of smooth
muscle contractile regulation and genetic mutations in smooth muscle
actin implicated in vascular disease (thoracic aneurysms and coronary
artery disease)

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