Welcome Early Career Advisory Committee New Members!

The Early Career Advisory Committee (ECAC) was formed by CVRI to ensure that the unique needs of junior investigators at UVM and UVM Medical Center are being met. The members of this committee are selected from applications submitted to CVRI's Board of Directors, and they represent multiple departments and levels of expertise. The committee members are:

  • Sherrie Khadanga, MD (Chair) – Assistant Professor, Medicine - Cardiology
  • Maria Bravo, PhD – Faculty Scientist, Biochemistry
  • Juan Conde, PhD – Medical Student, LCOM Class of 2021
  • Jonathan Flyer, MD – Assistant Professor, Pediatrics – Cardiology
  • Osama Harraz, PhD – Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pharmacology
  • Margaret Infeld, MD – Fellow, Medicine - Cardiology
  • Nga Ling (Theresa) Ko, PhD – Assistant Professor, Research – ObGyn and Reproductive Sciences
  • Zhaojin (Scarlett) Li, MS – Grad Student, Neuroscience
  • Carole McBride, PhD – Research Project Assistant, ObGyn and Reproductive Sciences
  • Erin Morris, MD – Assistant Professor, ObGyn and Reproductive Sciences
  • Amreen Mughal, PhD – Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pharmacology
  • Lakshmi Nambiar, MD – Fellow, Medicine - Cardiology
  • Charles Nicoli – Medical Student, LCOM Class of 2020
  • Tim Plante, MD, MHS – Assistant Professor, Medicine - IM and Hematology
  • Kramer Wahlberg, MD – Resident, Medicine - IM

Spring Community Medical School Recap! 


Presented on May 14, 2019

Marilyn Cipolla, PhD, Professor of Neurological Sciences
Evadne Marcolini, MD,  Assistant Professor of Surgery

According to 2018 American Heart Association statistics, someone in the U.S. has a stroke about every 40 seconds. Learn who is at risk, signs and symptoms, stroke subtypes, and what to do when someone has a stroke. Discussion will include advances in transport decision tools, therapies and research for acute stroke patients.

Click here for more information about UVM's Community Medical School.

Early Career Advisory Committee Awards Funding to Support Trainee Research Projects

Through its initiative to support research projects conceived and developed by early career investigators, the ECAC recently funded research applications from these trainees:

  •  Sulamunn Coleman, PhD, Department of Psychiatry (Diann Gaalema, PhD / Stephen Higgins, PhD, mentors)

Extending Contingency Management for Smoking Cessation to Patients with Established Cardiovascular Disease: A Pilot Study Using Ecological Momentary Assessment

  • Abbie Johnson, PhD, Department of Neurological Sciences (Marilyn Cipolla, PhD, mentor)

Preliminary Data on Hippocampal Vascular Function in Chronic Hypertension and Post-Stroke Dementia

  • Nicholas Klug, PhD, Department of Pharmacology (Mark Nelson, PhD, mentor)

Dysfunctional Blood Flow Patterning in the Diabetic Retina: Hyperglycemia Disruption of Arteriole, Capillary and Venule Function

  • Andrew Mead, PhD, Department of Biology (David Warshaw, PhD, mentor)

Functional Characterization of Muscle Myosin Binding Protein C Mutations by Acquiring and Applying the Zebrafish Genetic Toolkit

Mark Your Calendars

August 22-23: Visiting Professor Mohamed Trebak, PhD, Pennsylvania State University


Have a cardiovascular speaker you'd like to bring to campus?

Information on CVRI Co-Sponsorship of Cardiovascular Seminars can be found on the Application for Visiting Professor Funding

Internal Grant Review

CVRI provides internal review of grant applications to support cardiovascular research. E-mail CVRI for more information.  *NOTE: The request for internal review must be made at least 6 weeks before the submission deadline.

CVRI Travel Awards

CVRI travel awards are available to support trainees and junior investigators presenting abstracts at regional and national scientific meetings.  These competitive awards are for reimbursement of presentation-related expenses of up to $2,000 and offered on a limited rolling basis throughout the academic calendar year; more details can be found on the application for funding.

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