Plan an Activity


The application to apply for credit is all electronic.  Once you have created an account in the MyCredits Portal, please click on the dashboard icon in the top left of the screen and select My Applications. Please use the Application Checklist to make sure all necessary items have been completed/uploaded.

Please note that applications are due 45 days prior to the start of the activity.  For applications received within 60 days and 3 weeks of the activity, there will be a rush fee of $500.  Applications received less than 3 weeks, will not be considered. We suggest you start at least 60 days prior to allow enough time for faculty to complete their financial disclosures.

Before You Begin an Application            

  • Decide on activity goals and target audience
    • If 2 or more professions, please consider making this an Interprofessional activity
      • Will there be an opportunity to learn with and about each other (examples: presenters from various professions; question and answer session; panel discussion; if enduring-discussion board)
      • Designed to change skills/strategy, performance of the team and/or patient outcomes
  • Create your planning committee and immediately collect their disclosures (see below)
    • IMPORTANT: If a planning member has something to disclose, complete the Disclosure Mitigation Form right away to consider whether they should be replaced.  Contact us with any questions.
  • Make sure you have someone from each target audience group you wish to award credit to
  • Document your meetings, please use the Planning Committee Minutes Form and upload with your application. 
  • Define Gap
    • Why is this training needed? 
    • What is currently happening and what would your ideal be?
      • Example: Infection rate in hospitalized patients has increased (hospital data documents gap), research has found that handwashing before and after entering a patient’s room will decrease infections (journal article documents gap)
      • Upload gap documentation with your application
  • Objectives
    • By the end of this educational activity, learners should be able to…
      • The objectives for the program should fit everyone on the team (patient outcomes) but you can still have individual objectives for each specialty.
  • Disclosure
    • Please ask the planners if they have any financial relationships with ineligible companies at the beginning of the planning process.  Let them know that they will need to complete an online disclosure form.
    • All faculty (speakers/moderators/panel members) and planners need to be entered into the application leadership tab (a notification will be sent to them to complete their disclosure once added to the application).  Please review once they are completed. Do this by clicking on the words financial disclosure under their name - please also check completion date to make sue it will not expire before your activity.
    • Complete a RSS Monitoring Form/Slide or Disclosure Form for conferences - Located on the Forms Page. and upload with your application. 
  • Content Validity  
    • Please consider sharing this Content Validity Sheet with your faculty and planners.
    • Ask the course director or planner (with clinical expertise and no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies), to complete and sign the Course Director Attestation Form and upload with your application.
    • All recommendations for patient care must be based on current science, evidence, and clinical reasoning, while giving a fair and balanced view of diagnostic and therapeutic options.
    • All scientific research referred to, reported or used in support or justification of a patient care recommendation must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, analysis and interpretation.
    • Although accredited continuing education is an appropriate place to discuss, debate, and explore new and evolving topics, these areas need to be clearly identified as such within the program and individual presentations.  You must facilitate engagement with these topics without advocating for, or promoting, practices that are not, or not yet, adequately based on current science, evidence, and clinical reasoning.
    • Content cannot be included if it advocates for unscientific approaches to diagnosis or therapy, or if it promotes recommendations, treatment, or manners of practicing healthcare that are determined to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits or are known to be ineffective in the treatment of patients.
    • It is critical for the University of Vermont Office of Continuing Medical and Interprofessional Education to encourage discussion and education on sensitive, new, or evolving topics in medicine.  Our Joint Accreditation Standards require that we ensure content is fair and balanced and that any clinical content presented supports safe, effective patient care.  We have found this to be most challenging for new and evolving topics that have the potential to be scientifically biased by highly polarized public policy debates.

Should your educational content be discussing such topics, we recommend you send your agenda before submitting your application to help expedite the review process.  If this is not done, there could be a delay or inability to provide credit for some sessions.  For the topics listed below, we require a review of content validity.  When necessary, we elicit input from local content experts.

  • Financial Relationships with Ineligible Companies.  Please click here to see a listing of Ineligible Companies.
    • If any of your planners or speakers has a relevant financial relationship with an ineligible company, please complete and upload the Disclosure Mitigation Form with your application. Speakers with relevant financial relationships must have their content reviewed prior to the presentation.
  • Measurement process 1 month after the activity
    • How will you measure the success of your program after its completion? 
      • Examples: Revisit hospital data or survey your learners to see if they have made/seen changes after participating in the learning activity
        • Please ask your learners: One goal of this conference is to educate and transform collaborative care. To that end, please tell us whether this education has enhanced your team’s care in treating patients with _________?
        • If “yes”, please describe the change that was made as a result of the education.
  • Brochure/Marketing Piece
    • Please make sure to upload any advertisement you wish to use.  Any mention of credit will need to be pre-approved before you distribute. Please do not say, "credit has been applied for or is pending."
  • Activity Exhibits/Support
    • Any Commercial Support MUST have a letter of agreement and must be signed by a CMIE representative PRIOR to the start of the activity.  Please use the "Support from Ineligible Companies Agreement" form or send CMIE the company's LOA for approval.
    • You can only share the names or contact information of your learners with your exhibitors/supporters if you have consent from your learners.  Please consider requesting permission from the learner during the registration process.

In order to receive your credit/certificate, you must
log in to your My Credits account within 30 days of the activity and attest to
your attendance.  Some activities will also require you to complete a
program evaluation. 

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