Plan an Activity


The application to apply for credit is all electronic.  Once you have created an account in the MyCredits Portal, you will find the application on the left side of the page in My Applications.  Directions on how to complete the application can be reviewed in the CMIE 2018 Policy Meeting Presentation.  

Before You Begin an Application            

  • Decide on activity goals and target audience
    • If 2 or more professions, please consider making this an Interprofessional activity
      • Will there be an opportunity to learn with and about each other (examples: presenters from various professions; question and answer session; panel discussion; if enduring-discussion board)
      • Designed to change performance of the team and/or patient outcomes
  • Create your planning committee
    • Make sure you have someone from each target audience group you wish to award credit to.
      • If applying for nursing credit, please include a nurse on the planning committee and have an approved nurse educator review for content.  CLICK HERE for list of reviewers
    • Document your meetings - please CLICK HERE for required information
  • Define Gap
    • Why is this training needed? 
    • What is currently happening and what would your ideal be?
      • Example: Infection rate in hospitalized patients has increased (hospital data documents gap), research has found that handwashing before and after entering a patient’s room will decrease infections (journal article documents gap)
      • Upload gap documentation with your application
  • Objectives
    • By the end of this educational activity, learners should be able to…
      • The objectives for the program should fit everyone on the team (patient outcomes) but you can still have individual objectives for each specialty.
  • Disclosure
    • Please ask the planners if they have any possible conflicts at the beginning of the planning process.  Let them know that they will need to complete an online disclosure form (notification will be sent when you start completing the application)
    • All faculty (speakers) and planners need to be entered into the application leadership tab.  Please review all disclosures to make sure there are no conflicts of interest
    • Complete either a Monitoring Form (RSS programs) CLICK HERE for UVM/UVMMC or CLICK HERE Non UVM/UVMMC Conference Disclosure Form CLICK HERE and upload with your application
  • Conflict of Interest
    • If any of your planners or speakers has a possible conflict of interest, please CLICK HERE for the Conflict of Interest (COI) Resolution form
  • Measurement process 3-4 months after the activity
    • How will you measure the success of your program after its completion? 
      • Examples: Revisit hospital data or survey your learners to see if they have made/seen changes after participating in the learning activity
        • Please ask your learners: One goal of this conference is to educate and transform collaborative care. To that end, please tell us whether this education has  enhanced your team’s care in treating patients with _________?
        • If “yes”, please describe the change that was made as a result of the education.
  • Brochure/Marketing Piece

Please make sure to upload any advertisement you wish to use.  Any mention of credit will need to be pre-approved before you distribute.

In order to receive your credit/certificate, you must
log in to your My Credits account within 30 days of the activity and attest to
your attendance.  Some activities will also require you to complete a
program evaluation.  

Additional Forms/Information

CMIE 2018 Policy Meeting Presentation

Accreditation Statement *UPDATED 8/24/17*

Commercial Support Agreement Form

Conflict of Interest Resolution Form

Grand Rounds Monitoring Form UVM

Grand Rounds Monitoring Form Regional Hospital

Conference Disclosure

Sample Evaluation 

Sample Exhibitor Form

Nurse Educators *UPDATED 6/1/18*

Conference Attendee Directions Template 

Planning Committee Minute Guidelines 2018 

Brochure Criteria

Brochure Checklist

Commercial Support

Definition of Commercial Support

Standards for Commercial Support

Enduring Materials

Enduring Materials Planning Guide and Checklist


2012 CMIE Survey on Provider Barriers

2012 CMIE Survey on Provider Challenges

2015 CMIE Survey on IPE Topic Suggestions

2015 CMIE Survey on Barriers by Provider Type

Disclosure Instructions

Effective Use of ARS (Audience Response Systems)

Guidelines for Writing Educational Objectives

Helpful Hints

Level II Gap Assessment Sample

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The ACCME's Essential Areas and Their Elements

Tips for Successful Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis

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