Key Publications

  1. Jennings II, M.E., Silveira, J.R., Treier, K.M., Tracy, P.B., and Matthews, D.E.  Total Retention Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to Achieve Maximum Protein Sequence Coverage.  Analytical Chemistry 93(12):5054-5060, 2021.


  2. Wood, J.P., Silveira, J.R., Maille, N.M., Haynes, L.M., and Tracy, P.B.  Prothrombin activation on the activated platelet surface optimizes expression of procoagulant activity.  Blood 117(5):1710-1718, 2011.


  3. Silveira J.R., Hughson A.G., Caughey B.  Fractionation of prion protein aggregates by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation.  Methods in Enzymology 412:21-33, 2006.


  4. Silveira J.R., Raymond G.J., Hughson A.G., Race R.E., Sim V.L., Hayes S.F., Caughey B.  The most infectious prion protein particles.  Nature 437:257-261, 2005.


  5. Gould W.R., Simioni P., Silveira J.R., Tormene D., Kalafatis M., Tracy P.B.  Megakaryocytes endocytose and subsequently modify human factor V in vivo to form the entire pool of a unique platelet-derived cofactor.  Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 3(3):450-456, 2005.

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