Key Publications

Mason AB, Byrne SL, Everse SJ, Roberts SE, Chasteen ND, Smith VC, MacGillivray RT, Kandemir B, Bou-Abdallah F.A loop in the N-lobe of human serum transferrin is critical for binding to the transferrin receptor as revealed by mutagenesis, isothermal titration calorimetry, and epitope mapping. J Mol Recognit. 2009 22(6):521-9.

Danforth CM, Orfeo T, Mann KG, Brummel-Ziedins KE and Everse SJ. The impact of uncertainty in a blood coagulation model. Math Med Biol. 2009

Mason AB, Halbrooks PJ, James NG, Byrne SL, Grady JK, Chasteen ND, Bobst CE, Kaltashov IA, Smith VC, MacGillivray RT and Everse SJ. Structural and functional consequences of the substitution of glycine 65 with arginine in the N-lobe of human transferrin. Biochemistry. 2009 48(9):1945-53.

Lee CJ, Lin P, Chandrasekaran V, Duke RE, Everse SJ, Perera L and Pedersen LG. Proposed structural models of human factor Va and prothrombinase. J Thromb Haemost. 2008 6(1):83-9.

Eckenroth BE, Rould MA, Hondal RJ and Everse SJ. Structural and biochemical studies reveal differences in the catalytic mechanisms of mammalian and Drosophila melanogaster thioredoxin reductases. Biochemistry. 2007 46(16):4694-705

Wally J*, Halbrooks PJ*, Vonrhein C, Rould MA, Everse SJ, Mason AB and Buchanan SK. The crystal structure of iron-free human serum transferrin provides insight into inter-lobe communication and receptor binding. J Biol Chem. 2006 281(34):24934-44.

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