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For nearly 200 years, the University of Vermont (UVM) Larner College of Medicine has educated physicians and scientists, conducted world-class biomedical research, and partnered in caring for patients and their families. The Larner College of Medicine, located on the main university campus, ranks in the top third of US medical schools for federal research grants per faculty member. In the last decade, research funding at the Larner College of Medicine has increased 300% to more than $82 million annually. Larner COM is affiliated with one of the top-rated teaching hospitals in the northeast, the UVM Medical Center, which provides a complete array of medical services and training and research opportunities. Overall, UVM provides an ideal scientific environment for VCBH research. 

Substance Abuse Treatment Center/UVM Buprenorphine Research Clinic

The Substance Abuse Treatment Center (SATC) is a 3460-square-foot clinic located in the same building with the VCBH. SATC includes therapists and staff offices, a reception area, medical exam room, group rooms, dispensary and confidential intake rooms. Throughout the SATC, there are networked computers continuously available for delivering patient treatment services and assessments, conducting data entry and management, and operating the urinalysis lab, dispensary and related protocols. The SATC has two fully-equipped urine toxicology laboratories that offer on-site qualitative and semi-quantitative urinalysis testing for all drugs of abuse.

The Chittenden Clinic Opioid Treatment Program

The Chittenden Clinic is the first and largest outpatient methadone treatment program in the State of Vermont.  It is a joint venture between the University of Vermont, UVM Medical Center and the Howard Center for Human Services.  The clinic is under the leadership of VCBH Faculty Stacey Sigmon, Ph.D., and is contiguous with the SATC. The space includes therapists and staff offices, a dispensary, on-site urinalysis lab, exam room, reception area, intake room, and a large waiting room. The Chittenden Clinic has an integrated and automated methadone delivery system and buprenorphine dispensing infrastructure. 

The UVM Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) Exercise Testing and Training Facility

The CR Facility is one of the preeminent CR research centers in the world. Research topics include resistance training in older cardiac patients and patients with chronic heart failure and methods of weight reduction in overweight cardiac patients. Behavioral counseling services for weight reduction and stress management are provided. Facilities available to VCBH investigators include a fully equipped exercise testing laboratory.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Center

The fMRI Center is located within the UVM College of Medicine's Imaging Center. Technical personnel include MR physicists, neuroradiologists, and fMRI technicians. The facility includes a research-dedicated Phillips Achieva 3 Tesla scanner and state-of-the-art Eloquence (InVivo Inc) experimental control system.

Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC)

The VACC is a core research facility offering research computing services to UVM faculty, staff and students, as well as to strategic partners in academia, government and businesses statewide. The VACC was made possible by grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with strong support from Vermont Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).

UVM Psychology Department

At UVM's Psychology Department, clinical faculty and graduate students pursue research in the prevention and treatment for eating disorders, and research on stress, coping, anxiety, depression and numerous behavioral disorders. The experimental program also includes a strong core of neuroscience faculty and curriculum, and there is extensive ongoing research on drug abuse in human and nonhuman subjects.

Biostatistical Unit

The Biostatistics Unit supports the preparation of the individual research grant proposals developed by VCBH investigators, including study conceptualization and planning, research design, preparation of a proper statistical methods section and power calculations for the applications.

Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program 

Emergency Medicine Research includes the Research Associate Program, which provides the infrastructure to recruit patients from the Emergency Department for ongoing research projects. The Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program (EMRAP) is designed to introduce UVM students to the practice of clinical research while at the same time providing an infrastructure to support ongoing research studies at UVM, the Larner College of Medicine and the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Instrumentation & Model Facility

The Instrumentation and Model Facility (IMF) turns ideas into custom instruments, integrated systems, prototypes, precision parts, and accurate models. The custom design and fabrication services enable your organization to conduct world class research, achieve rapid product development, or prototype parts and assemblies using innovative rapid manufacturing techniques. IMF engineers and technicians work in partnership with researchers, product development engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to design innovative instruments suited to your application, research need, or market. 


The Larner College of Medicine is nationally and internationally recognized for health-related research and ranked in the top third of U.S. medical schools for federal research grants per faculty member. The College of Medicine has a close affiliation with one of the top-rated teaching hospitals in the northeast, The University of Vermont Medical Center, which provides a complete array of medical services and training and research opportunities

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